August 17, 2016


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Tennessee Presenters’ biennial networking conference is set for October 23-25, 2016 at Montgomery Bell State Park. Presenters from across Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi will be gathering with agents and artists to discuss possible booking for the 2017-2018 season and beyond at one of Tennessee’s nicest state parks. Located just 45 minutes west of Nashville, the conference center is convenient to the Nashville airport for those traveling in but is remote enough that everyone attending will be able to concentrate on the business of bringing artists to Tennessee in a relaxed and restful atmosphere.

With two professional development sessions, led by leading experts from the field of dance, the conference will, in addition to the primary goal of connecting artists and venues, add some enlightenment to what is often considered that mysterious area of presenting known as “programming dance”. A keynote address by renowned pianist/composer Robin Spielberg will focus participants on the incredible opportunities for the arts (and specifically music) in wellness and therapy.

If you’re looking for artists in a relaxed, casual atmosphere with good friends, ArtsConversartion16 is the place to be.

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